Hello.  My name is Mia.  I was in the Coast Guard and the Army.  I am now retired from the Army.  My life has been a mix of military and civilian.  Recently I moved and I rediscovered my journal I kept from when I went to Basic Training (Army) at Fort Jackson, SC . . . Or as it was commonly referred to as Relaxin’ Jackson.

As you read this entries keep in mind I went through Army Basic Training when I was 31 years old.  In my class there were only two people who the same age as me.  The next oldest person was in their early twenties.  I was the same age as the Drill Sergeants and I had more formal education than most of them.  At the time I held a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree.  I had been a teacher and a professor at a university before I joined the Army.  I was enlisting to be a 35P – Cryptologic Linguist.   I had also been through one Basic already with the Coast Guard.  I sort of knew what to expect.  So, I was definitely not the normal.

I am older now and as I said retired.

My journal:  It is written in the form of letters to a friend.  I was one day going to send all the letters to them but I never did.  I hope you find my journal as interesting and funny as I find it now.  Enjoy!