Day 16: 20 November

Dear Coco –

Today we did CBR aka gas chamber.  Let me set the picture for you.  We are up a 0500, do PT, breakfast and then back to the barracks to grab our ruck sack with 30 pounds of stuff, our weapon and our gas mask.  After doing a set fo 180sec-60sec (sprint-walks) and 300 meter shuttle run our legs are done, or at least mine are after 3 miles!  So we stand in formation with all our gear and get ready to head to the gas chamber.  We are walking 2.5 miles there.  Everyone is a little tense with the anticipation of what lays ahead.

Arriving there everyone, even the big bad boys seem nervous.  I’m not that nervous just ready to get everything done.  I mean I’ve been pepper sprayed before while doing training in the Coast Guard.  How bad can this be?

We all line up, the entire company, lined up with masks on.  Over 150 of us standing outside masks on in camp looking reminiscent of some post world war era shit. The sun just peeking through a grey misty morning adds to the feeling that we are being led somewhere to be killed, not trained. 

The gas, it burned . . . the make us take our masks off and breathe it in.  Searing your eyes and chest, making you fought but just when you think you’re going to die, literally keel over they make you run outside, snot and tears streaming down your face.  Scorching pain radiating through your eye and lungs, the feeling of nausea permeating every inch of your body.  

Haha . . . I’m sure you’ll see pictures on Facebook if you check out the website!  I most likely look like a total hot mess! But, it was worth it.  I now have a mild understanding and complete appreciation for that kind fo warfare / crowd control measure.  I would NOT want to be caught in any type of gas without a mask for sure!

It definitely (well at least this kind of gas) won’t kill you but it most certainly is a more humane method of control as compared to other deadly ones.  And I’ve been told it will melt your contacts to your eyes, just note to self so you don’t loose your eyeballs.

Our platoon did a moment of truth exercise today.  Big surprise, everyone thinks I’m very mature, smart and caring.  the also think I should be more outspoken and be a more vocal leader.  Haha . . . Me quiet?!? This is a surprise.  I guess I’ve been playing a very soft spoken and reserved role until now.  I suppose trying not to get noticed hasn’t worked so well. Haha

Anyways . . . Until tomorrow . . . Margaritas and sunsets on the beach await me soon I hope!




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