Day 13: 17 November

Dear Coco – 

Today was a pretty uneventful day.  Everyone went to church in the morning and I stayed back with a few people.  I was able to do some yoga and meditated for a bit by myself.  I had a hard time focusing and clearing my mind from everything.  

The girls in the barracks are starting to argue with each other and it is totally awful. Teenage girls yelling and fighting is something that is trying my patience .. . Haha . . . I guess I’m working on my skills of patience and understanding.

So our Drill Seargeant was talking about how somedaythe Army was going to open up infantry to females. I had to agree with him about his opinions.  He said that it wasn’t in the best interest of the Army to open up infantry to women soldiers, 1. Because if someone fell in love it could be a detriment to the combat area 2. Women’s monthly issues and privacy would a woman pull at 200 pound male plus all his equipment out of a combat zone effectively 4. Issues with rape.  I mean I had to agree with his especially since I’ve had the same conversation with my other friend who was appalled that I didn’t support females in that way.  I’m not saying that this same thing can’t happen between the same sex (all males) or that woman can’t do the job.  There just a lot of ‘other’ variables that need to be taken into consideration. Needless to say, many of the other girls in the platoon now think that the Drill Sergeant is a woman hater! Haha . . . I was going to try and explain to them that it was not that way but then caught myself.  I realized that no matter what I said it would probably fall on deaf ears since they were all closed minded and couldn’t see past the superficial tot eh practical part of what he was trying to tell them.   Maybe I’m learning when to keep my mouth shut and save my mental energies, only took me 31 years! Haha . . . 

Otherwise it’s tough being around all these people who don’t want to or can’t actually think for themselves.  I want to shake them and tell them to grow up but then I realize they are only 18/19/20 years old and maybe I need to be the one to be a better person and be more mature overall.

Ah maturity! How I wish that sometimes I didn’t have to be the responsible one! Maybe when this is over I can have one night not to worry about anything, have a martini and have no real responsibilities! 

Haha . . .




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