Day 11: 15 November

Dear Coco – 

We did our PFT (Physical Fitness Test) today.  I passed with flying colors.  My two mile run was 17:52, not bad for 34 degree Fahrenheit weather and no warm up.  

Anyways . . . I was thinking about time today, most exactly the measure of time.  Why do we put so much emphasis on time periods? Here everything runs on a strict schedule, never being two seconds late or else the world is going to end.  But, it’s a hurry up and wait type of mentality.  Why do we care so much about measuring everything? Time, days, months, years, seconds, repetitions …….

I mean yes, it’s important but in the end it’s just consuming us.  Who care about each little seconds, just to stress over it? Why not enjoy things more? Oh wait, it’s the military. Hahaha…. It just amazes me how time oriented everyone is, time obsessed.  I’m all about being punctual but this takes it to a whole new level.  All I know is when I go on vacation all I want is to not look at a clock or have to be aware of any time for at least a whole day. To do my own thing, at my own pace and smile. Haha . . .Oh yeah, it’s the military. I know I signed up for this so this is more of just me telling you some revelations and stating the obvious.

Anyhow . . . Looking forward to sleep and hopefully good dreams tonight! 




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