Day 10: 14 November

Dear Coco – 

Today we did team building exercises, tomorrow we have our first official APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test).  I’m tired.   Hahaha . . . I think that’s a given by now.  I should probably stop saying I’m tired and just say that I’m always tired.  We had some very crappy food for dinner and I’m still hungry. 

Oh, I had my phone for about 5 minutes and was able to talk to my dad.  Surprise! You’re coming to New York! I’m so excited! Dad was not as excited.  I think he and mom just wanted to have time with me, alone, without anyone else the entire time.  Oh well, I guess they didn’t really want to share me with anyone.  Oh well, they are going to have to now.  I mean I was going to be out and about with my other friends and family too.  I wish I had had some time to talk to you but I literally only had 5 minutes.  

One of the girls here is so into how she looks and walk around our barracks telling everyone her issues.  Then she wonders why everyone judges her.  I mean there’s no reason to judge but you also have to realize that if you tell everyone your issues then everyone is going to have an opinion. Hahaha . . . . The joys of living with people under the age of 21.

I hope this month leading up to Christmas goes fast.  I seriously can’t wait to sit with a glass of wine and talk to all my friends in person.

It’s interesting to see how others were raised.  It’s so obvious that some people were raised with no manners of anything t all.  Where do these people come from? Why have a child if you don’t want to raise it properly? What I mean is some people need to at least teach manners and how to be nice to each other. 

Anyways . . . .I’m off to bed.




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