Day 9: 13 November

Dear Coco – 

I don’t. have much of anything new to say.  Haha . . .I guess today was just on of those types of uneventful and boring days. I thought a lot about finding inner peace during my land navigation class today.  As you can see I was really paying close attention in class! I think I’d like to open up a bed and breakfast retreat that offers daily meditation and yoga plus classes on life skills …. things like mind, body and well being.

Side note, do you ever run into people that you just want to punch in the face for no reason?  There’s this one girls who hasn’t done anything to me but whenever she’s around I just want to haul off and punch her . . . maybe it’s because she’s so clueless and stupid.  Not that that’s an excuse towards how I feel towards her.  And I know it’s not nice to feel this way or say these things either. Hahaha….sigh.

Anyhow, how’s everything? How is New York? I wish I could see more pictures that you’re probably taking as I write.  How’s the new classes you’re teaching going? (Great I’m writing questions that will never get asked or answered….hahaha)

They said today that the Army doesn’t want any new personality to it and they just want discipline. Oh well . . . I suppose they’re stuck with me. I don’t like that they don’t want different but I knew that from the start. You would think they would know that different is what will make us stronger. 

Anyways . . . I must get some rest now.

Good night.




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