Day 7 & 8: 12 November

Dear Coco – 

I’m exhausted. Lack of sleep is definitely wrecking havoc on my body.  I’m not so much physically or mentally tired but just plain tired.  We did Victory Tower today. I was honestly more relaxed and calm then many of the ‘younger’ people or, at least I appreared this way.  I think inside I was probably more nervous than most other people.  Even though I’ve been sky diving and do all those challenge things I am terrified of heights! Hahahah . . . Everyone was feeling so accomplished and giddy and the Drill Sergeants were all saying how big a milestone this was.  Me, all I could think was “ok, what’s next?” Yeah, it’s cool but please let’s go let’s get this all done already.  

I’m tired.  I just want this to be done and go back to a somewhat normal life.  I miss my family and friends.  I feel so annoyed with people who can’t get their act together with stuff. It’s not that hard people! Just put on the right uniform and just follow instructions.  It’s honestly not that difficult.

I can’t fine my inner peace.  I know that this is a dream but I would love to be sitting out at the lake with a cold beer in hand.  Ahhhhh….

Anyways, time to sleep cause I have watch again from 0100 to 0200.




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