Day 3: 07 November

Dear Coco – 

We got our weapons today.  I’m not sue how I feel about it. I have to sleep with it next to my head at night.  Hmmmmm . . . Guess I’m excited to shoot targets and play soldier although I’m pretty sure I could never shoot a real person.  I mean I could shoot a real person if I had to of course but just thinking that I’m training to actually shoot a person is mildly mind blowing.  There are some very “crazy” people here who are like super soldier type personalities! Wow, I guess my mind is just blown by how some people can become so brainwashed by something or by an organization so quickly.  What happened to power of individual thought?

Anyways, I did my fitness assessment today.  I did really well and took 40 seconds off my one mile run!

I’m tired.  Not for any reason but just a lack of sleep.  I miss our conversations.  There’s no one here who is stimulating intellectually.  Sigh . . .  I keep wondering what you’re doing, how the weather is and if I’ll see you over Christmas. I miss your jokes and the way you always challenged me to think and be better.  It’s funny but even the Drill Instructors I don’t find to be that motivational.  

I guess it’s harder here than I thought because I have to self motivate.  I was hoping that their would be these people I would just “click” with but it hasn’t been that way.  Maybe it’s because I’m so much older.  I don’t know.  But, I’ve always been self motivated so I guess that’s nothing new.  

Well, I guess I should get some sleep.  We get two hours on Sunday for church or personal worship.  I plan on doing yoga and meditating!




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