Day 1: 05 November

Dear Coco –

I feel like I’m in a dream, like this reality is something foreign. It’s strange, like this adventure isn’t actually reality and that I’m just someone watching it all happen yet participating at the same time.

I do like my Drill Sergeant. He/They are very mature and respectful, no cursing or physical type punishments (which surprises me). They want to train us so that we are prepared for real life, not some fake reality of Basic Training, which I can completely respect. I guess I lucked out that I got leaders who are more like me, if not in age at least in thinking for the most part. I know it’s early and it’s only the first day but this is completely the opposite of what I expected.

I suppose part of me just fells like an outsider looking into my life right now. Most people don’t join the military and most people don’t do most of what I’ve done already with my life.

I think all the other girls must think I’m crazy because I’m still awake writing and they are all sleeping. Hahahaha….I guess old habits die hard! I never could sleep unless I wrote something at home.

Tag line for my story right now: When I was 18 I joined the Coast Guard, at 21 I got a tattoo and climbed a mountain, at 25 got my Masters Degree, at 30 ran a ultra marathon and at 31 joined the Army.




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