Day 0: 04 November

Dear Coco –

I’m traveling today.  After a delayed flight and having all the people I’m taveling with freaking out that they won’t make it to Fort Jackson they are finally relaxing.  I’m still in the airport trying to not second guess my choices.  Is this right?  I mean it’s definitely too last now.  My apartment is gone and empty.  My car is sold.  My clothes are in storage.  My job is gone.  I’ve burned my bridges.  If I could turn around and run back would I?  I’m about to enter into a life that I said I didn’t want again….military.  Maybe this time I am more prepared since I know what to expect and this was a conscious decision.

Change is good, right? I have my reasons, right?  Going to travel to new places, going to learn a new language, going to meet new people, going to get away from my old life and create something new.  I need this change, right?

Ahhhh I’m going in circles.  My dear Coco . . . I should try and sleep on the floor for a bit now.  I’m definitely not as young as these other people.  Hopefully I can keep up with them.  Hahahaha! I know you would say hopefully they can keep up with me! Hahahaha.

Talk to you soon!




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